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Value Added Services

AICT operates two fully integrated container terminals at Egypt’s main commercial ports of Alexandria port and El-Dekheila port. Services provided range from CFS Operations, Reefer Operations, to Out-of-Gauge cargo. AICT is also well equipped to handle dangerous Cargo as well as assisting in One-Window-Customs.

CFS Operations:
Inside its two terminals, AICT offers CFS operations with efficient and well trained CFS work teams.

Reefer Operations:
AICT is considered the main gateway for Egypt’s fresh products exports, through sufficient reefer points in AICT Terminals. AICT offers 24 hours reefer monitoring services with instant reporting to its valued customers. Other related services, such as Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) & Pre-Cooling, are also provided by AICT.

AICT is capable of handling Out-of-Gauge cargo shipped on top decks with a maximum gross weight of 60 tons.

Dangerous Cargo:
All Dangerous Cargo classes can be handled by AICT through its terminals with the exception of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 1&7.

One window customs:
AICT offers its valuable customers in co-ordination with related authorities, one-window customs clearance operations inside the terminals, thus, provides simple and stream lined procedures.